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Safe Planting around Livestock and Other Animals
Apr 29, 2015

Safe Planting around Livestock and Other Animals

Did you know that Buttercup flowers are toxic to dogs? And Delphiniums are toxic to horses? It's finally spring here and everyone is itching to put some plants in the ground. For those of us who share our homes with our four-legged friends (both herbivore and carnivore), growing beautiful purple Lupine could mean a whole other story for them. Read the links below to know what to plant in your garden this year to keep your critters safe. If you are out on a hike or trail ride in the mountains, and you need to identify a plant before your four-legged friend decides it looks like a tasty snack, please see the links to identify and avoid those poisonous plants. Click HERE to see the United States Department of Agriculture Poisonous Plants PDF Click HERE to see the Cornell University Poisonous Plants condensed list. Click HERE to see the 10 most poisonous plants for horses.
Lupine Meadow
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