Pet Tag | Yellow Lab with Ears Flapping in wind

Custom Pet Tag Engraving

Love for pets knows no boundaries! MyFamily was founded to go after the idea of giving a soul to the metal ID tag, conveying its importance in helping cats and dogs to be quickly identified and helped in case of loss.

MyFamily tags are the result of the ancient goldsmith tradition of Valenza, in which our company has its roots. No other manufacturer can offer such a large and varied selection.

MyFamily has given the possibility to customize quickly each ID tag directly at the point of sale. This unprecedented advantage enables customers and retailers to engrave the ID tag thanks to Techla, the revolutionary instant engraver machine, giving the possibility to choose what to write and the style through a user-friendly interface. All this in two minutes!

Locations Available

Shipton's Big R East
Shipton's Big R West
Shipton's Big R Heights
Shipton's Big R Lewistown
Shipton's Big R Hardin
Shipton's Big R Sheridan