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Prepare for Show Season

Shipton's Big R loves supporting our friends in FFA with top quality gear. Stop by your local store for great deals for your next season. 

Top-Quality Herding Tools

Herding tools, like our 2W Wrangler Tub and Alley, help you get the job done better. Place an order for your ranch today.

Feed Your Cattle Better

Rigid feeders break fast. Pick up a flexible cattle feeder at Shipton's Big R to feed your cattle sustainably with a cage that shrinks as they eat. 

Tips For A Smooth Calving Season

The most important day of a calf’s life is the first one. There are some key factors that play a role in whether or not a baby calf gets off to a good start and research has demonstrated that the first 24 hours of life are critical in order for a calf to survive to wean and beyond.