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Since 1922, Dickies has been producing long lasting and performance proven workwear. You’ll find all the function and purpose needed to outlast the demands of your outdoor farm and ranch work in time tested gear.  Discover optimal performance-proven gear to match the demands of your workday.
Dickies Outerwear


Outerwear proven to perform with enhanced protection from wind and weather.
Dickies Tops


Dickies Tops feature performance driven fabrications with functional design elements that stand up to outdoor work.
Dickies Bottoms


Whether your work calls for a sturdy denim, Duck or twill construction, Dickies bottoms are designed to function and perform.
Dickies Women's


Dickies women’s workwear offers top of the line gear that is engineered to enhance your performance and protection.
Dickies Flex


Designed with a superior FLEX fabrication, you’ll achieve maximum comfort and functionality.
Dickies Perfect Shape

Perfect Shape

Dickies Perfect Shape Collection offers soft, performance proven jeans and pants that deliver the ideal fit.