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Purcell Premium Wood Pellets

Purcell Premium Wood Pellets
Purcell Premium Wood Pellets
Purcell Premium Wood Pellets
Purcell Premium Wood Pellets


  • Purcell Premium Wood Pellets go above and beyond industry standards. Purcell ensures you get the highest-grade wood pellet on the market.
  • Available by the ton (50 Bags) - for in store pick up only.  Please call for price. 


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SKU: 1934268
Made with quality Pacific Northwest Douglas Fir trees, there are no additional additives, binders or fillers in these pellets, in fact, Purcell Pellets only use natural resin from trees to keep their pellets together. Purcell also meticulously screens their products to ensure they stay below 0.5% sawdust and fine particle allowance, and 8% moisture allowance which helps make them one of the “premium” pellets on the market.
All Purcell pellets are tested for moisture “as received”. This means their reports pertain to the products the consumer buys at the store, not a sample batch prepared for the testing agencies like other pellet producers. Purcell Premium Wood Pellets’ honesty helps them produce a higher-quality product for consumers consistently, and at an affordable price
  • Less than ½ the ash allowed by “premium” pellet standards, resulting in less time cleaning your stove
  • Lower moisture content results in increased BTU Output
  • Only uses all-natural wood fibers sourced in the Pacific Northwest, USA
  • Net Weight – 40 lbs. (18.15 kg)