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Western Potato Co. Huckleberry Gold Seed Potatoes

Huckleberry Gold Seed Potatoes


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Western Potato Company
SKU: 1050750
This is an exciting new variety, developed at Montana State University. Huckleberry Gold is not only exceptionally high in antioxidants, but this great tasting potato also has a lower glycemic index than other potato varieties. That means anyone watching their carbohydrate intake can literally have their potatoes and eat them too.
Nutritious Huckleberry Gold yields abundant round to oval medium-size tubers with purple skin and rich flavored, golden yellow flesh that really does taste already buttered. They are wonderful quickly microwaved for a fast, satisfying quick lunch or bake or boil till tender for a delicious dinner.

You'll also love them cut into wedges, toss with olive oil, roast at high heat till crispy on the outside and creamy inside. Strong yielding, good keepers with good resistance to common scab and Verticillium wilt.

Midseason: 85-95 days

Variety CharacteristicsHuckleberry Gold
Size of PlantMedium-large
Color of SkinDark Purple
Color of FleshGolden
Eating QualityExcellent
Tuber ShapeOval
Size of TubersMedium-large
Tuber SetModerate
Color of FlowerLavender
Tuber Late Blight ToleranceMedium
Scab ResistanceMod-high
Suggested In-Row Spacing8″-10″