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Starbar EZ Trap

Starbar EZ Trap


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SKU: 1006677
Brand: Starbar
The Starbar EZ Trap Fly Trap is free of insecticides and harmful chemicals, so you can use it in stables, kennels, gardens and homes. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, this trap is odor-free. It features a compact design to save space, but also has a large trapping surface to quickly capture flies and house flies. It’s super easy to use – just stand it up or stack it on a garden stake. The adhesive is rainproof, so you can put the trap just about anywhere and say bye-bye to flies.
  • Insecticide-free and odor-free fly trap for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Traps flies and houseflies.
  • Compact design with a large fly-trapping surface area.
  • Long-lasting, rainproof adhesive.
  • Disposable high location fly control.
  • 2 Pack

  • Active Ingredients: (Z)-9-Tricosene (1%), Indole (0.2%), Trimethylamine (0.6%).

  • Place up high where flies rest; ceilings, attics and rafters.
  • Position near food bins
  • Place single light source near the trap
  • Place out of reach of livestock