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BioAdvanced Tree & Shrub Insect Control

Bayer Tree & Shrub Insect Control


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SKU: 1049115
Bio Advanced 12 Month Tree & Shrub Insect Control Landscape Formula previously known as Bayer Advanced 12 Month Tree & Shrub Insect Control II Landscape Formula works systemically to protect your trees and shrubs from insects for up to 12 months. Effective against such pests as aphids, adelgids, japanese beetles, emerald ash borers, and leafminers Bayer Advanced 12 Month Tree & Shrub Insect Control Landscape Formula will keep your trees and shrubs looking beautiful year round.
  • 12 Month Protection: With just one application, kills listed insects and prevents new infestations for up to a year
  • This product is applicable for the following pest types: Aphids, Asian Longhorned Beetles, Borers, Hemlock Woolly Adelgids, Japanese Beetles, Lace Bugs, Lily Leaf Beetles, Leafhoppers, Leaf Miners and Tip Moths, Black Vine Weevils, Mealybugs, Pine Tip or Shoot Moths, Psylla (Psyllids), Root Weevils, Thrips, Whiteflies, Woolly Adelgids