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Urine Off Dog & Puppy Formula

Urine Off Dog 32 oz


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Urine Off
SKU: 1066281
Brand: Urine Off
Urine Off Dog & Puppy Formula, the #1 veterinarian recommended product for urine odor and stain remediation, breaks down dried uric acid crystals – the primary trigger mechanism for repeated “marking” by animals. Not a perfume or cover-up, it actually eliminates all three components of urine odor and stains, as well as the proteins found in urine, leaving a refreshingly clean surface.
Shake well before using. Use a Urine Off Finder Light to locate odor causing deposits. Always check an inconspicuous area for colorfastness. Absorb fresh rune with absorbent pad or paper towel. Application: It is essential to saturate the soiled areas just past the edge of the stain. Allow Urine Off to work: Fresh Deposits – a few minutes. Old stains – Cover area with plastic and allow it to remain overnight. Remove plastic and air dry. Reapply and allow to sit a few minutes. May require multiple treatments. Remove residue with water. Store in cool location