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Time to Bring Your Outdoor Power Equipment Out of Hibernation!
Apr 22, 2022

Time to Bring Your Outdoor Power Equipment Out of Hibernation!

With warmer days on their way, it’s time to wake up your outdoor power equipment from their winter slumber and prepare them for the yard working season ahead! It takes just a few hours to tune-up your equipment for optimal performance and engine longevity this spring.


Always disconnect spark plug wires before doing any work on your outdoor power equipment. Spinning the blade on your motor can unintentionally start the engine and cause injury!

Oil & Fuel

Power equipment with 2 stroke engines often requires a mixture of oil and fuel to ensure proper lubrication during operation. Pre-mixed 2 stroke fuel and oil can also be purchased for added ease and convenience. Never use a mixture for lawn mowers and power equipment with 4 stroke engines as they have separate reservoirs for oil and fuel!

After emptying out any remaining fuel from the previous year, it’s time to add new fuel to your tank. When choosing fuel, avoid octane levels lower than 87 and purchase only as much as you will use in thirty days unless using a fuel stabilizer. After about a month, fuel loses ignition potential, retains water, and develops deposits which can clog up fuel lines and carburetors - potentially leading to corrosion. Fuel stabilizers can increase your fuel lifespan up to two years and help neutralize unwanted chemical reactions that can damage an engine.

Cleaning & Lubrication

Give all your machines a quick clean-up before starting them up for the season. Dirt and debris that accumulates on the engine can reduce cooling capacity and contaminate the engine when you’re adding fuel or oil. Over time debris can wear away the protective finish on other parts and cause rust. Start with a stiff nylon brush to remove larger particles, then give everything a quick wipe down with a damp microfiber cloth.

Once clean, lubricate moving parts such as wheels, levers, and folding handles to keep them squeak-free.

Lawn Mower Tune-Up

Start the season strong with a tune-up to avoid problems down the line. Signs of potential issues to look out for are reduction in engine power, stalling, increased fuel consumption, strange noises, and start-up difficulty.
  • Clean off any dried grass from the underside of the mower
  • Replace the spark plug which can become dirty or corroded
  • Make sure that blades are sharp. Dull blades tear grass instead of cutting it. If the tips of your grass are ragged and white after mowing, you’ll know it’s time for a sharper blade!
  • Inspect the fuel filter and line running from the filter to the tank. Clean out the filter with an air compressor or replace it if it’s very dirty
  • Replace the air filter every three months of use to prevent dirt from entering the engine
  • Flush old gas from the tank and replace with fresh fuel and stabilizer
  • Replace old oil which can get dirty, no longer providing protection to the engine

Trimmer Tune-Up

  • Make sure the throttle trigger and lock and stop switch are working properly
  • Inspect the blade and blade guard – check that the blade is centered and sharp
  • Check for worn areas on the clutch, clutch spring, and drum

Chainsaw Tune-Up

  • If your chainsaw is running poorly because of old fuel, replace it with fresh properly mixed fuel. If this doesn’t work, disassemble and clean the carburetor
  • Clean or replace the fuel filter
  • With time the air filter can become clogged with dirt and debris, clean or replace the filter to maintain proper functioning
  • Replace the sparkplug according to heat range and specifications in the manual
  • Sharpen or replace the chain

Regular maintenance of your outdoor power equipment helps reduce repairs and headaches down the line. Bring your power equipment in to our service center and we can repair or tune it up for you! Check out our Outdoor Power Equipment section for all your power equipemnt maintenance needs this spring!