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Sx Oral Electrolyte & Nutritional Supplement

Sx Oral Electrolyte & Nutritional Supplement

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Non-prescription tool for fighting scours in young calves! Quickly rehydrates calves by promoting the absorption of fluid within the intestinal tract, to improve or maintain hydration and provides support for a strong immune system.

Sx Calf Oral Electrolyte and Nutritional Supplement is a novel electrolyte solution fed to calves suffering from dehydration.  A calf requires a 50 ml feeding with rehydration expected very quickly. It can successfully be fed in the field using a syringe. In some cases, a second or third feeding may be required. The product differs from the standard electrolyte formulae in that it contains compounds that affect the balance of the microflora of the gut.

  • rehydrates the calf
  • improves fecal consistency
  • balances the microbiota
  • supports natural immunity
  • requires one oral feeding
  • reduces mortality/morbidity up to 75%
  • saves time and expense
  • non-antibiotic
  • no VFD required.
Dosage and Administration: Dose 50 mL oral feeding by stomach tube or oral drench per calf. Observe for 8 hours. If calf is not rehydrated give a second 50 mL dose. Bottle contains 5 doses.