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Carniolan Bees - 5 Frame Nuc


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Carniolan bees are considered to be very beginner friendly and easy to work around. They are hardy bees for this climate and do well in our winters. If they are happy and comfortable in their hive, they produce fabulous honeycomb and start making honey in the early spring.

The 5 Frame Nuc comes with an already established colony of bees (a queen & approximately 15,000 bees) 
  • Contains 3 established inner frames containing brood. 
  • Also contains 2 outer frames containing honey, pollen and adhering bees
Introducing them to a hive is easy. Simply put the frames in your brooder box and provide the bees with food!

Orders CANNOT be canceled or refunded after March 31st, 2019. The 5 Frame Nucs are for IN-STORE PICK UP ONLY AT BIG R WEST. 

Bees will be delivered to BIG R WEST approximately the first week in May (subject to change at any time)  and you will be contacted prior to their arrival so you can make plans to pick them up. Bees MUST be picked up within 24 hours of notice. 

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