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Y-Tex Optimizer Insecticide Ear Tags


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SKU: 1003617
Brand: Y-Tex
Y-Tex Optimizer Insecticide Ear Tags are for use on beef and non-lactating dairy cattle in summer to control horn flies (including pyrethroid-resistant populations), lice, gulf coast ticks, spinose ear ticks, and aid in the control of face flies. For use in winter to control cattle biting lice, little blue cattle lice and aid in control of longnosed and shortnosed cattle lice.
Active Ingredient:
Diazinon 0,0-diethyl-0-(2-isopropyl-6-methyl-4-pyrimidinyl) BY WEIGHT
phosphorothioate 21%
Other ingredients 79%

15 Grams per Tag
Contains 20 Tags