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 It's Chick Season!
Mar 6, 2015

It's Chick Season!

It's getting close to that time again! Chick season is almost upon us here at Shipton's Big R and we're ready for them. It seems like every year more and more people are interested in taking on the fun task of caring for chickens. Whether you are looking for meat birds, layers or just pest control for your garden, be assured that we will help you pick out the best birds for the job. When you first decide to raise chicks, be sure that if you live in city limits, you've filled out a chicken permit. Fill it out, print it and send it to Billings Animal Control. For chicken owners in city limits, you can have up to 6 hens. Click HERE to get the form. Shipton's Big R is your one stop shop for all your chicken needs. From tanks, shavings and heat lamps to feeders, waterers and feed, we've got it all. Please come see us when the chicks are here, we'll be very happy to help you with any questions. Our Nutrena reps come into the stores often, and host a "Chicken Chat" and are available to answer any questions as well.
Wild Feathers!
Chick tank set-up