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Don't Just Wing it When Choosing a Grill!
May 26, 2022

Don't Just Wing it When Choosing a Grill!

With the variety of grill options available today, you might be wondering how to make the right choice! When choosing a grill you’ll want to consider factors such as size, the type of cooking you want to do, and temperature control when you are weighting your options.

Gas Grills

The most widely used type of grill today, gas grills use condensed gas as fuel to generate heat and cook your food. These grills are convenient, efficient, versatile, and quickly reach high temperatures with ease. Getting these grills going is as easy as turning on the burner so if you’re more interested in entertaining guests than watchfully tending the grill, this may be the best option for you!

Propane vs Natural Gas:
Propane grills rely on a propane tank that sits beside or inside the grill. These are a great option for households without a natural fuel line and offer the added convenience of portability. While taste does not vary much between these two options, propane can heat up quicker and higher. You can never be too sure when you’ll run out of propane, so always have an extra tank on hand! Visit one of our locations to refill your tank.

Natural gas grills rely on a home fuel line rather than being hooked up to a tank of liquid propane. A natural gas grill will be the most economical option if your home already has a natural gas supply. In addition to low cost, natural gas is an eco-friendlier fuel source and very safe as any leaking gas will float up and away due to being lighter than air.

  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Provides great consistent results
  • Least expensive fuel cost
  • Healthiest option since no smoke is used

  • Doesn’t provide the added smoky flavor many grillers enjoy
  • Natural gas grills lack portability

Pellet Grills

As a hybrid between a smoker and a grill, pellet grills are becoming increasingly popular for their combination of great features. These grills are fueled by flavored wood pellets which come in a wide variety of flavors such as hickory, cherry, apple, and mesquite. These pellets give your food a delicious smoky flavor! Like gas grills, this type of grill is a great option for longer cook times as it doesn’t need to be heavily monitored. Pellet grills are highly versatile, giving you the ability to smoke, grill, bake, and sear your food. Tech geeks will also appreciate the added features of WIFI pellet grills. With a mobile application, you can conveniently monitor and control grill temperatures from your phone on the go!

  • Variety of pellet flavors give your food a great smoky taste
  • Allows for versatile cooking styles
  • Ash trays can help make cleanup easier

  • The ongoing cost of fuel replenishment is pricier
  • Requires electrical connection
  • Cleaning sawdust out of the cooking chamber regularly is necessary

Charcoal Grills

Charcoal grills are often the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to grilling. These grills use charcoal as a fuel source for fire. The process of lighting and managing charcoal coals can be time intensive and difficult but is rewarding for those who enjoy the process and can set aside the time. Charcoal grills are capable of the highest maximum heat of all grills and although they are more difficult to get the hang of, they make delicious tasting food with a distinct smoky flavor.

  • Extra flavorful
  • High heat retention

  • Heating charcoal to the proper temperature can take around 30 minutes
  • Putting out the fire and cleaning ashes afterward is time intensive
  • Difficult to maintain consistent temperature in cold or windy weather
  • Charcoal is less environmentally friendly

Portable Grills

Portable grills are a great choice for grillers on the go and come in a variety of styles from gas to pellet. If you want to bring your grill to the next tailgate or camping trip, you've got plenty of options! Portable grills will be smaller in size and easier to store, making them a great option for small patios as well. Just keep in mind that smaller grills with less surface area aren't always the best option for larger barbeques and get-togethers because of the longer time it will take to cook your food.

  • Don't take up much space
  • Portability (of course)

  • Not the best for large gatherings

Flat Top Grills

Flat top grills are generally fueled with propane and as the name suggests, have a flat griddle surface instead of grates. These grills give your food added juiciness because none of the drippings fall through the grates and vaporize. While it is a healthier option, the taste can be a little less flavor rich as the vapor doesn't smoke back up into the the food.

  • Results in juicier food
  • One of the healthiest grilling options

  • Not quite as flavorful as grills with grates

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