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Comfort Zone Quartz Electric Wall Mount Heater

Comfort Zone Quartz Electric Wall Mount Heater
Comfort Zone Quartz Electric Wall Mount Heater
Comfort Zone Quartz Electric Wall Mount Heater
Comfort Zone Quartz Electric Wall Mount Heater
Comfort Zone Quartz Electric Wall Mount Heater


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Comfort Zone
SKU: 2157303
This Comfort Zone Ceiling Mount Quartz Heater features whisper quiet operation and is Ideal for use in garages, workshops and drafty living areas. This top of the line heater uses dual high-powered quartz infrared emitters to heat the air by circulating through metal heat exchangers. Its high-efficiency quartz element provides immediate safe heat with two heat settings and an adjustable angle halogen light. The radiant heater is ceiling mounted, which helps to conserve valuable floor space in a crowded garage or storage room. 
It is easily angled up to 90°, which helps to ensure that the output is directed to just the right areas. A bright halogen light has been built into the heater to allow you to view your projects more clearly and read fine print on packaging while you're working in dimmer areas. The convenient pull string switch controls heat settings and the halogen light. The quartz heater boasts a tough metal safety grill over the bulbs to help prevent them from breaking or coming into contact with flammable items. 

A built-in sensor shuts the unit off immediately when it reaches an unsafe temperature, helping to prevent damage due to overheating. The powerful radiant heat warms people and objects, making quartz heaters the premium choice for medium-sized spaces.
  • RADIANT QUARTZ HEATER: The unit’s 2 quartz bulbs reflect heat onto nearby objects just like the sun, providing gentle and efficient warmth perfect for living spaces, workshops and garages.
  • TARGETED WARMTH: The quartz heater can be easily angled up to 90 degrees, helping to direct its output precisely to the areas of your space where it’s needed most.
  • SPACE-SAVING DESIGN: The radiant heater is designed to mount on the ceiling, which helps to save valuable floor space in a crowded garage, workshop or storage area.
  • INCLUDES HALOGEN LIGHT: A handy halogen light is built into the heater, allowing you to view items on your worktable more clearly and to read instructions and fine print better in dim spaces.
  • SMART SAFETY FEATURES: A metal safety grill prevent the bulbs from coming into contact with other items, while a sensor automatically turns the unit off if it overheats.
  • Cord Length  -  6 foot
  • Heat Output  -  5120 Btu/h
  • Includes  -  Hardware, Mounting Bracket, Owners Manual
  • Listing Agency Standards  -  ETL
  • Number of Heat Settings  -  2
  • Overall Height  -  14-3/8 inch
  • Overall Width  -  5-1/4 inch
  • Plug Type  -  3 Prong Grounded
  • Special Features  -  Ceiling Mount Bracket, Halogen Work Light, Safety Overheat Sensor
  • Voltage  -  120
  • Wattage  -  1500
  • Weight  -  7.93 pound
  • Heating Element Type  -  Quartz Heat
  • Product Type  -  Utility Heaters