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Powder River XL Manual Squeeze Chute

Powder River XL Manual Chute
Powder River XL Manual Chute


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Powder River
SKU: 1017768
This legendary chute offers tried and true features that have stood the test of time. Convenient and familiar chute controls enable 1-person operation from one position. The durable design of the chute requires little maintenance, and is capable in the toughest, most remote working conditions. V-style squeeze provides even pressure on the animal, keeping them balanced, upright, and calm. Drop side pipes spanning both sides of the chute allow unobstructed access to the animal from either side.

Split kick pans allow access to the underside of the animal without taking unnecessary risks. Equipped with a right-side emergency exit that is operable from the same side as the other controls. This chute’s longevity is a testament to the XL’s design and to Powder River’s commitment to provide durable cattle equipment. Neck extenders sold separately.
  • Part # 002-10052
  • Right-side exit
  • Head Stanchion, Center Squeeze, split tailgate controlled from one position enabling one-man operation
  • Drop side pipes allow animal access from both sides for vaccinating, pour-on, etc.
  • Tailgate locks open, allowing one-man operation of the tailgate while working animal into the chute
  • Designed for animals up to 2500 lbs.
  • Positive locking side exit latch prevents accidental opening
  • Safety latch provides operator assurance on chute’s exit side
  • V-Pattern squeeze provides even pressure on animal to keep them in a balanced upright position while being worked
  • Overall Length 96”
  • Overall Height 89”
  • Inside Height 66”
  • Widest Point 116”
  • Base Width 47”
  • Weight 1340 lbs.